Independent production company Kanalstrasse was established 2008 - with no particular plan, so the surprises just keep on coming.

Selected work

Feature film

Asker Zone (2023), sci-fi, 109 minutes.
He never wanted to leave, now he can't.
Behind the Scenes (2021), drama/fantasy, 67 minutes.
In corona isolation, struggling with writer's block, a dreamy filmmaker spirals down the rabbit hole.


Searching for Jesse Fuxing - How to meet people (2013), 53 minutes.
Almost went bankrupt on the search for a total stranger, just to find out what may happen when one break social rules and conventions.
Börje's Colombia (2011), 28 minutes.
Won a pitch competition and met former Pablo Escobar employees in Colombia in this production which was screened by Swedish network TV4.


My Best Friend Benny (2018), drama/dark comedy, 5 minutes.
The casting process is much easier when all you have to do is get a cut-out cardboard figure. Distributed on VOD and was screened at Filmfest Bremen and Live at Heart.
The Curse. And Aliens (2015), bizarre, 5 minutes.
A complete solo project, that initially started as an experiment that I wasn't sure if I even wanted to release.
The Keeper (2014), drama/dark comedy, 13 minutes.
With a 20 years timeline I had to shoot this short during one full year to capture the changing seasons.
Of your wounds (2012), Executive producer.
Very pleased to cooperate with Nicola Piovesan and add to his list of awards with this remarkable film.
Working title: Pirates of the Atlantic (2009), comedy/mockumentary, 28 minutes.
Filmed on board a sailboat crossing the Atlantic, was screened at several festivals and film events in Norway and Sweden.


Asker Zone (2020)
Science fiction, set at the Swedish countryside. Filmed in the summer of '21.
Finn's Way (2018)
"Pretending to be an idealist has never been harder."
An earlier version was signed by a Dutch producer, but the rights were returned and it has since been rewritten.
Daniel turns cool (2011).
Swedish screenplay collecting dust.
The Refugees (2009) with Titus Paar.
Co-wrote the first draft for this project that never escaped development hell.
Grandma´s a punkrocker (2008) with Titus Paar
Adapted from Swedish and developed this award winning short into a feature length film.


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